This player has been exploiting experience orbs to try and intentionally lag other players. I saw one or two crash from him killing himself near them and then standing by them as they lagged from the massive number of orbs.

I had it done to myself, it is definitely not something to take lightly, as it hardly is possible to type.


I guess this is why I couldn't play before, I thought it was just my computer not being able to handle 1.8. I logged on and literally could not move, and my typing took like 2 minutes just to appear. I was actually ready to give up until the real server was back, but I gave it a try yesterday to find that it was just the orbs. I hope we can do something about these orbs, because I have lost valuable items because it would be to laggy to reach my "body" before they de-spawn, maybe find a way to disable them completely as they are useless right now?