Johnn123's build application

This is a giant dome I built and I put every type of block in the nether in here.

This is a cottage I made

This is a giant structure I randomly made and after it was done I decided to build my build application

The rest is just random but somewhat cool stuff. The small little house you see is a oneway entrance.

x:70370 y:65 z:-5292



MCCC Sprite Artist/Designer
The pictures are broken .... make sure u don't delete the pictures after u uploaded them

Also the fountain is nice looking but not very creative. Use more lively materials than cobble and it will get there!


A l'aise Breizh
Please re-upload some pictures of your work, and don't forget day time pictures. We can only see the fontain thing.
I can't fix them now but I will take care of them tomorrow. And I'll do it in daytime so
you can see it better.
So I'll just work on it because I got some great ideas on how to improve it. But I'm going to consider this a decline because I don't think the buildings look good. Next time I wont delete the pictures. I would completely understand if you decline this.


Head Collector
Thank-you for applying for Builder status on our Creative world.

The mods have decided to Decline your application. You may re-apply in 7 days.

Don't feel disheartened that we have declined your appeal, with some extra hard work you may be successful next time!

How you can improve -
-Be more creative
-use less netherrack

We appreciate the time you have taken for your application, good luck next time :)
Thanks for the advice, I'll try harder next time.
I'm going to try to drag some coal from the mountains using pistons because I just love how coal ore looks