Jonater duping?


I was asking if anyone had any dirt they didnt want as I need some to flatten my land. Jonater said he had over 100 stacks of dirt. Seems a little funny to me even though dirt is easy to get. As you can see I had a few stacks of dirt because I need alot (My land is on a mountain) so I was collecting some. So Here's a picture check it out:

edit: The dirt I had in the picture is what I collected. I did not not get any dirt of Jonater.


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A diamond pickaxe can mine a dirt block every 0.39 seconds. 100 stacks is 6,400 dirt. 6,400 dirt would have taken 2496 seconds to gather, or 41.6 minutes, not including inefficiencies.

It is very likely that those 100 stacks of dirt was legitimately gathered.

Now, 20 blocks of diamond, you have a different story...


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20 blocks of diamond doesn't indicate duping either, I have 30 blocks or so of both gold and diamond I mined from the last map. Took several hours of mining but it's really not that hard to find if you use a mini-map.

Edit: Unless you meant to say 20 stacks....


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Yeah, I kind of realized that 20 blocks isn't a whole lot for those who have been around a while... :)

A couple of stacks would be indictive though, even for a regular. One stack is MAYBE doable with a lot of trading or just tens of hours mining.