Jov double kills - cheats.


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If someone I just killed would approach me homing-missile-style and then dance right in front of me while I got hit by arrows in the middle of a fight, I might probably strike them down, double kill or not. The situation was heavily provoked. Also, in one of the last few frames, the hand-wave from the walking is very different - as if a punch is happening.

The no-double-kill rule was instated to ensure a clean game. Where people are not harassed. Where people can recover, work themselves up the weapon ladder and so forth. It was not instated to prevent clearly provoked attacks.

Nothing to see here (except a player who somehow wants to get someone else banned). Bounceh, if you made that video to prove Jov's overall behavior that you might have experienced earlier, then it's a failed attempt. Nothing is proven either way.

Side note: SgtSpike will probably have Socrates implement something that people can not attack other people if they killed them before - until they get attacked by the killed guy again.


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TAG, what you said kind of casts the rule in a different light for me. I thought it was to prevent reoccuring attacks immediately after killing someone, as in greifing someone (spawn camping, basically) I didn't realize it was intended to last semi-permanently.

I figured if I killed someone 20 minutes or an hour ago, and in a different location, then it didn't matter. I figured it would cound as a 'fresh' encounter.

TAG is certainly describing a verbatim interpretation, but can anyone verify?


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Jov, we haven't really set a hard and fast time limit to the rule yet. I basically consider it permanent, but it does get to the point of not remembering who killed who last rather quickly. So effectively, it lasts as long as both of your memories do. :) I would say between logins is a fair time period to let pass. If you spend 2 hours in the game, log off for a while, come back and kill the same person, I wouldn't hold it against you.


Well I would say that running towards him whilst he is running in the opposite direction, then dancing around in his face is some for of provoking. When you can both see you have a hand? and he has a dimaond sword... Also is it me or is that a picture added in at 1:50 in some sort of editing program. Anyone else see that?


Im not a big fan of the double kill rule, there needs to be somthing to protect new players though..

If someone runs towards me with a diamond sword, it does not matter if I have killed them just before, Im not going to let them get 1st hit..


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The double kill rule would make Towny wars difficult, too. If there's only one defender, they can only repel an attacker 1 time... until that attacker dies by someone else's hand. I know it's just a rule to make life near spawn better, but if you apply it universally it has implications w.r.t Towny.