Keywords that bring people in...


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Was looking through Google Analytics, and there's some quite interesting information regarding keywords that brought people to this site! I've highlighted some of the more entertaining ones... :p

minecraft cc
jacca bacon machine
minecraft crafters community c
play minecraft cc
mincraft cc
user frothingluck server
jacca minecraft
minecraft 1.4 скачать бесплатно
скачать minecraft 1.4
minecraft organizied pvp no cussing server
minecraft beta 1.4 скачать
blorby redstone dooras (I need to know what a dooras is)
minecraft 1.5 pvp server
minecraft. crafters community
minecraft 1.4 скачать
скачать minecraft beta 1.4
minecraft crafter
minecraft pvp server
minecarft cc
minecraft pvp servers
cj's lucid texture
minecraft ban list
minecraftt cc
play minecraft .cc
cc minecraft
justin porter fur elise mp3 free
minecraft 1.4 plugins
minecraft bonfire
minecraft kilometer
minecraft pirate town
minecraft pvp server 1.5
minecraft pvp server list
minecraft server 1.5 exe
minecraft server
minecraft silverzone2
minecraftcc sgtspik (Ok, this one, but not my name spelled properly??)
minecrsaft cc
pioneer craft minecraft
pvp smp minecraft
tihzz minecraft
where have all the fish gone poem
www.minecraft crafters comunity
скачать бесплатно minecraft 1.4""
.minecraft 1.5 folder
1.5 minecraft server.exe
[warning] ""moved wrongly!"" minecraft
anti creeper plugin
barrel minecraft
best buildings in minecraft minecraft
can you transfer items between worlds in minecraft?
client side minecraft chat mod
como retirar ban minecraft
deathshout download
delete .minecraft folder
do not download minecraft 1.5
do not update 1.5 minecraft
download ""deathkick"" minecraft
download minecraft server client 1.4
emperorr’s textures pack
factory craft minecraft
global minecraft banlist minecraft
how do i not update to minecraft 1.5
how to be sissification (LOL!)
how to delete a minecraft update
how to disable tnt on minecraft server
how to enable tnt in minecraft
how to find caves in minecraft using f3
how to find out who greifed minecraft
how to make a boat harbor in minecraft
how to make a harbor minecraft


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Haha, I want to know who was searching that and why... Who else have you told about your poem W8in? Lol!


minecraft pirate town minecraft
minecraft bonfireW
hat are these supposed to mean, XD


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We know you are, Frothing.

PD400 - Lol, no idea. It's hilarious though that they somehow ended up on our pages from those searches.

Though, come to think of it, the minecraft bonfire may have had something to do with me setting my giant wood pagoda on fire...


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I thought it might be time to necro this post with an update.

Some stats for the last month of forum activity:
- 10,459 visits
- 40% from search engine traffic
- 49% from direct traffic (typing in the URL)
- 11% from referring sites (such as or an online mailbox)
- 73,330 page views
- Average time on the site is 7 minutes 15 seconds
- 33% of visitors use Chrome, 30% use Firefox, and 21% use IE. Nicely done guys!

And here's the list of the top 100 keywords that brought people in (bolded ones are interesting ones)

minecraft cc


sgtspike location


coffeejunky lucid

minecraft sphere generator



play minecraft cc

frothing luck minecraft pvp



minecraft pvp server no cussing

minecraft towny plugin

where have all the fish gone poem

improved chat functionality mod

minecraft improved chat mod

minecraft crafters community

minecraft server

making money from gpu

make money with gpu

minecraft factions plugin

sphere generator minecraft

minecraft faction plugin

minecraft galleon

minecraft global ban list

minecraft prop protection bitcoin

sphere world minecraft

how to disable tnt on minecraft server

how to grow a tree in minecraft

improved chat functionality

minecraft pistons


jacca minecraft

minecraft crafter

minecraft pvp map

global ban list minecraft

how to teleport to other players in minecraft

improved chat mod minecraft

minecraft block protection

minecraft block protection mod

minecraft bonfire

minecraft long fall boots

minecraft obsidian factory

minecraft rehab ban appeal

prevent minecraft updating

thunderx4 minecraft

towny plugin minecraft



buildcraft diamond pipe

crafter un piston dans minecraft

disable tnt with simpleserver

earn money gpu

emperorr's texture pack

how to disable tnt in minecraft server

how to upload texture packs

keywords for minecraft

minecraft crafters commmunitr

minecraft emperor texture pack

minecraft how to teleport to other players

minecraft keywords

minecraft sphere generator mod

minecraft sphere map

terraria server command line


automatic minecart station

buildcraft obsidian pipe

buildcraft pumps

crafter tnt

disabling tnt

how to detect x ray mod

how to upload a texture pack

how to upload texturepacks

iconomy admin shop

looted on minecraft

make money gpu

minecraft ban list

minecraft block protection plugin

minecraft chat mod

minecraft crafter un piston

minecraft external minimap -zan -mod
A few notes on the list:

Firstly, I find it rather disconcerting that 107 people want to know "SgtSpike's Location" and are searching Google for it.

I find it funny that so many names are being search and found here (coffeejunky, frothing, smitethyface, etc).

The fish poem is still gathering hits. I have no idea why, since it was an original poem. Do people read it here, then remember about it and do a google search to find it again?

I also find it hilarious that so many hits have been generated from my post about how to make money with your GPU. Absolutely nothing to do with Minecraft, lol.

And finally, the best one... "minecraft rehab"! Excellent. So now people are so addicted to the game, that they are searching for ways to rehab from it? Maybe that should be a subforum. :D


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Just for the fun of it, here's the next 250... Note that they are organized alphabetically for each group with the same number of hits. These are 3 hits, then 2 hits, then the start of 1 hits.

minecraft crafters

minecraft external minimap -zan -mod

minecraft f3 scanner

minecraft galleon mod

minecraft grief clan

minecraft griefer list

minecraft improved chat functionality mod

minecraft lancer

minecraft logging in timeout

minecraft mod numbers

minecraft moved wrongly

minecraft personal chest

minecraft pvp server

minecraft tattoo

minecraft transfer items between worlds

pd 400 and frothing look like this server

skylands minecraft class

sphere world map minecraft

stop minecraft from updating

terraria market

terraria you are not using the same version as this server

v 1.3 by sgtspike

what to do in minecraft when your bored

banlist globale minecraft

best minecraft server ever

buildcraft pipe colors


can servers detect x ray mod

can servers detect xray hack

cant place water or tnt

cc minecraft

coffeejunky's mix texture pack

comment crafter un piston minecraft

crafter de la tnt

crafter minimap

crafter piston minecraft

crafter texture pack

crafter un piston minecraft

detect x ray mod minecraft

detect xray minecraft server

disable fire minecraft server

disable fire on minecraft server

disable lava in minecraft

disable tnt minecraft

earn money with gpu

emperor texture pack minecraft

epicsnipersean1 ban

f3 scanner minecraft

faction plugin

faction plugin for minecraft

faction plugin minecraft

factions minecraft plugin

ghost in minecraft

gpu earns money

gpu making money

haunted castle minecraft

how to disable tnt minecraft server

how to get unbanned from a minecraft server

how to grow a tree minecraft

how to grow a tree on minecraft

how to make a minecraft harbor

how to make infinite lava in minecraft

how to make personal chest minecraft

how to send a teleport request on minecraft

how to tell if someone is using x ray minecraft

how to turn off creepers minecraft server

improved chat functionality minecraft

logging in minecraft timeout

make money using gpu

make money with your gpu

mcadmin open source

micnecraft cc

mindcraft crafter

minecraft arg

minecraft automatic minecart station

minecraft banlist

minecraft block breaking texture

minecraft build craft obsidian pipe

minecraft buildcraft

minecraft can server detect xray

minecraft detect x-ray

minecraft detect x-ray mods

minecraft disable fire

minecraft disable pistons

minecraft enemies

minecraft factions guide

minecraft forum ranks

minecraft grief clans

minecraft griefers list

minecraft griefing clan

minecraft griefing clans

minecraft hidden lighting

minecraft house building server

minecraft how to grow a tree

minecraft how to make a sphere generator

minecraft improved chat functionality

minecraft infamous 2

minecraft infinite water fixed

minecraft ip

minecraft key words

minecraft lego craft

minecraft moving faster

minecraft multi lag

minecraft obsidian pipe

minecraft pirate town

minecraft plugin improved chat

minecraft private chest

minecraft property protection

minecraft savi

minecraft server block protection

minecraft server java tuning

minecraft server tuning

minecraft servers hurt hard drive

minecraft smp disable creepers

minecraft smp turn off creepers

minecraft speedhack

minecraft sphere gen

minecraft unlimited arrows

minecraft warning moved wrongly

minecraft water ride

minecraft x-ray detect

minecraft xray hack detection

moop123 minecraft

obsidian factory minecraft forums

plugin for minecraft factions

sans minimap

sans minimap minecraft

sphere map minecraft

sphere minecraft generator

spider jockey

terraria command line server

terraria server owner commands

thieves and griefers minecraft

towny minecraft plugin

trees in the nether

wie kriege ich mehr cc bei minecraft

x ray hack for minecraft

x ray texture pack detect

xenforo minecraft theme

xray mod detect

you are not using the same version as this server terraria

"ace of spades" game skinning

"diamond pipe" minecraft

"minecraft" and "asus rt n16"


"simon snedker"

"turn off health" in smp minecraft

"wescbest" minecraft

"you are a pirate" "lazy town"

"you are not using the same version as this server"

/bb log minecraft

1.5 minecraft complete file non-update

1.6.6 community servers

1.6.6 server wont work

1.7 minecraft server pvp

16px texturepack minecraft

3x3 crafter

48x128 avatar

7chan logo minecraft

[info] preparing spawn area: 0%[info] done

admin block protecter

admin commands list minecraft

amazon ec2 minecraft

anti hacking plugin minecraft

aperture turret minecraft

asus router rt-n16 minecraft

auther of mincraft plugin towny

backpack for dogs on minecraft

ban hammer mod for minecraft

banlist commune minecraft

banned for swearing minecraft

banned in minecraft for nothing

best minecraft keyword

best value for money bitcoin graphics card

bigbrother detect xray minecr

biggest quarry buildcraft

biome mod minecraft mediafire

birds eye view minecraft mod

bitcoin miner 4850 settings

block protect communal chest

block protection minecraft

boat harbour minecraft


bounceh minecraft

breaking glass minecraft mod

build a automatic minecart track

build craft minecraft

build craft mod obsidian pipe

build server vip

buildcraft automatet craft

buildcraft diamond filter

buildcraft diamond pipe filter picture

buildcraft diamond pipes

buildcraft filter

buildcraft gold pipe

buildcraft iron pipe

buildcraft making a quarry

buildcraft minecart

buildcraft minecart vacuum pipe

buildcraft minecraft golden pipe

buildcraft mod obsidian pipes

buildcraft pipe

buildcraft pipes

buildcraft pump

buildcraft quarry

buildcraft quarry how to

buildcraft texture

buildcraft texture pack

building games like minecraft

bulbasaur in minecraft

bulbasaur minecraft

can a minecraft server detect mods?

can a minecraft server detect xray mods?

can admins in minecraft detect the xray hack?

can admins see x-ray mod

can log files show xray in minecraft

can minecraft servers detect the xray mod?

can minecraft servers detect x-ray mods

can minecraft servers detect xray

can minecraft servers detect xray mods

can servers detect texture packs

can servers detect x rays

can servers detect xray minecraft

can servers detect xray mod

can they detect x ray texture pack

can you detect xray texture packs

can you disable creepers minecraft

can you get your stuff back in minecraft

can you turn off creepers in minecraft mod

can you unban someone in minecraft

candles minecraft


candyman minecraft

cannot delete warps minecraft

cant get on server minecraft

castle craft cheats

castle crasher skins

castle crasher texture pact

castle crashers minecraft texture packs

chat minecraft

chest protection minecraft ips

chests dissapering minecraft server

cobbletown minecraft
coliantes miner


Some would call me Tim
Personal Faves:

pd 400 and frothing look like this

can servers detect x ray mod
PROTIP: Yes we can

epicsnipersean1 ban
Who is this, and why are we searching for him on google?

ghost in minecraft
Lawl, since when did this become Ghost in the Shell?

sphere map minecraft
I wonder how many other servers have one of these?

you are not using the same version as this server terraria
Best hurry up and update already SgtSpike, I'd hate for us to become famous because of this

"you are a pirate" "lazy town"
"Do what you want 'cause a pirate is free..."

Bobo, why are you so famous!?

can servers detect texture packs
PROTIP: Yes we can



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Haha, good ones Waki. ;)

I wonder how many people will be directed to this page from a Google search, with all the keywords it now has on it... lol.


minecraft grief clan, pd 400 and frothing look like this, minecraft tattoo, how to get unbanned from a minecraft server, minecraft grief clans, minecraft griefers list, minecraft griefing clan, minecraft griefing clans, banned for swearing minecraft, banned in minecraft for nothing
These stuck out to me. I'd love to know what images pop up when you search the second one, and WHO was searching that.

Also, use Bing and search the exact phrase, look at images. Theres totes some pictures of me and Frothing. Like the lady with a fancy handbag and some seriously styling pants.