Kingvirg swearing..


I think he might not of realized you were telling him to watch his language. When I warn someone, I usually will say "<Player>, language please." This helps because then they know who your talking to. Also, "Lang" doesnt make sense if they dont know your talking to them.
Meh, just my 2 cents.


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what happened after that last picture you posted spike? the one where he went "wats 5?" did someone finally explain the language rule? instead of just counting out numbers or saying "lang" without getting his attention first.

and if it was explained to him after that picture. did he curse again?

the "holy F***" deserves a warning, and if repeated, a ban. but im extremely hesitant to ban someone for "wtf" and "omfg" when its not directed at someone disrespectfully.


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none of this matters now. i banned king, along with 3 of his buddies. they where spitting out diamond blocks at spawn. and the BB doesnt show any of them mining any diamonds ever

heck. king had personally only mined 4 or 5 stone.


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i dont think there is any hack for beta 1.3 and someone could of gave him the diamond blocks.


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There are a few, but they have to know what they are doing. :oops:

Its almost impossible to inventory hack in 1.3 your right bubblz


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one of the 4 guys also admitted to hacking in chat before i banned him.

and all 4 of them have NOT made any ban appeal, so its pretty cut and dry.