DO you have lagg on the server?

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Yes, the server is so great at the moment and its fun but since this update with the 4 worlds its so laggy. Probably 99% of you will say its my end but I have really good internet where I am.
I made this just to see if I am the only one.


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I haz no lag. Even when I'm offsite at work. Granted, I have best-case scenario since I'm either 3 feet from the server or 8 miles, but at work, my available bandwidth is only 75KB/s.


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I know survival is pretty laggy due to mobs. That's pretty much why we don't have mobs on any of the other worlds - because they just cause so much lag. I haven't heard of much lag on PvP though... when I was fighting you, the lag didn't seem like it was any greater than normal.


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Bubblz the reason you lag is because you are in the UK, same as me. The server is like 3000 miles away. You may have a good internet connection, but your latency to the US will still be several magnitudes greater than someone living on the other side of the pond.

You will lag more on PVP and survival than any other world. Nether will be the least laggy, followed by build, followed by PVP, followed by survival. If people want an explanation here is why:

Survival: Mobs. Mobs kill worlds with lag.
PVP: Fire spread + lava + water + the actual PVP system itself. The minecraft server has to relay a lot more information to the client when PVP is turned on, and vice verse when the client is sending to the server. This extra information creates increased latency when having something like a PVP fight.
Build: LOTS of animals, massive variety of block types, weather actually interacts with stuff unlike the nether, lots of minecart systems
Nether: It doesn't lag at all. The only thing in the nether that can create lag is the lava, and there is no 'flowing' lava in the nether, only still pools and tubes of lava from the ceiling. There are no mobs, so no lag from there.