Large Build Project #1 - Columbia Phase 1 - Requirements

Discussion in 'Community Building Projects' started by MajorWumpus, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    Phase 1 : Requirements

    The first phase is just gathering information. We want to find and document any useful maps, layouts, pictures, videos, etc of Columbia.

    There are two goals here, one to make the design and initial layout as close to the original as possible, and also to serve as examples for builders when construction begins. Given that some people are not familiar with the game, good pictures and/or videos to work from would be helpful.
    Please only include information about the actual city from the game, and not derived work such as other minecraft maps, fan art, or the like. One possible exception is the bioshock infinite map for Disney Infinity, as this seems to be very close to the original.

    Please post anything you think might be useful as a reply to this thread.
  2. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

  3. SgtSpike

    SgtSpike Site Admin & Server Owner Staff Member

    Is there any sort of a top-down map of the city? All I could find is some drawings. If someone can find a mod that would allow them to fly above the city and look down for screenshots, that would be excellent.
  4. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    I'm having a difficult time getting a top down map. Harder than I would have thought. If anyone knows of one please add it to the thread, that would be super helpful. In the meantime, I'll keep looking.
  5. KittyAshlee

    KittyAshlee Builder Applications Moderator Staff Member

    Does anyone have the game? or a simulator on their computer for it?
  6. MsRowdyRedhead

    MsRowdyRedhead Cookie maker & sage Staff Member

    There seems to be a LOT on google images, by sections.
  7. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, it's hard to find one map of the whole city.
    But breaking it down to the individual components, it's pretty easy to find images of each location.
  8. Wombatus

    Wombatus A l'aise Breizh

    I am pretty sure even the dev could not deliver a complete map of the city figuring all the buildings we can visit in game. I think it requires some imagination and custumisation from us.

    Also, the buildings are moving, so the best to do IMO is to plan all the different buildings you want to make, actually make them, and try to set them in a way we can walk through the city without to much interruptions.

    The good thing with this project is everything can be make like a puzzle by different persons and then WE, copy/paste in place.
  9. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah, I think that's where we're at. No complete map, which I guess means we can kind of fudge it and still claim authenticity.

    That being said, building everything separately and fitting it together at the end is not a great option.
    The bare minimum to start would be a catalog of the various platforms/locations, relative sizes (this may or may not have to be approximated), and lists for each of important landmarks and any pictures available.
    All that stuff (besides perhaps the sizes) is fairly easy to come by.

    Unfortunately I've been swamped with work the past few days, so I haven't had much time to work on this.
    (I have of course found time to get on the server and fiddle about with useless redstone contraptions, that goes without saying.)
    So if someone else wants to gather some of this information, that would be great... or in a few days when my load lightens a bit I can dive back into it.

    I'm kind of curious how many of the people who voted for this in the two polls are just waiting for the actually building to start, and who might want to get in on the early work. I admit it is not as fun as the actual building, but it's still very important and if I have to do it all myself it's going to drag out a bit.
  10. SgtSpike

    SgtSpike Site Admin & Server Owner Staff Member

    We should get to building quickly though, because I imagine you are correct that many people are waiting for the actual building to start. Maybe focus on building the start of the city (where you land when you first go up) while the list of other places is put together.
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  11. KittyAshlee

    KittyAshlee Builder Applications Moderator Staff Member

    Personally, I'm better at following along a pattern than setting up a build itself :c
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  12. MGO_WiLdTuRkEy

    MGO_WiLdTuRkEy Cobble Gobble!

  13. Wombatus

    Wombatus A l'aise Breizh

    You could start a workshop to make patterns for the commun parts of the buildings like the bottom of those.
  14. MGO_WiLdTuRkEy

    MGO_WiLdTuRkEy Cobble Gobble!

    My question is why are doing something that has alerady been done? No offense or otherwise intended..
  15. KittyAshlee

    KittyAshlee Builder Applications Moderator Staff Member

    Our community hasn't yet personally built this :eek: The issue with large scale builds is that, chances are, everything interesting already has been done, so it would be insanely difficult to find something interesting and fun that hasn't! Unless we want to settle for something mediocre, I personally think taking on something neat, even something that has been done before is the better option, rather than settling
  16. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    It's been done many times, but I've looked at all of them that I could find and they are all so-so, scaled down versions.
    It was also the one project that the most people said they wanted to work on, which was important.
    Now if only all those people were clamoring to help in the initial phases here, that would really get things moving...
  17. xstargamingx

    xstargamingx Potato Overlord Staff Member

    Does anyone have the game that's willing to go through and get pictures/take video of walking through?

    I found a couple of things that may be helpful for getting pictures of the individual areas from google or something and knowing where to put them. I don't know the game at all, so I don't know anything about the city, really, so I'm mostly just guessing on whether or not this stuff is helpful. (Sorry if it's not, hahaha) Also there are many in game screenshots that can be found on the columbia section of the wiki and even just through google
    1.jpg 2.png 3.jpg
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  18. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    I found a great walkthrough, where the guy playing took time to look at everything around him and kind of soak it in.
    Unfortunately, he gets a bit salty when the fighting starts, so I can't post it here.
    If you contact me privately I can send you the link, it's MOSTLY ok.
    Takes about 30 minutes to get through the first area.
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  19. MajorWumpus

    MajorWumpus Administrator Staff Member

    Ok, I'm just going to lay this out here, and if you think you can help with any of it, please speak up.

    I've gone through wikis, websites, videos, etc. to try to find some reference to the sizes of the various components, both absolute sizes and relative to each other.
    I know I haven't posted much here, there's a reason for that... there isn't much concrete information to go on at all.

    To make matters worse, while watching the walkthrough I mentioned above, it hit me... the bulk of what is neat about the setting of the game comes from the motion of the platforms (the various bits and pieces of the city move around in relation to one another), the sounds, the NPCs, the rail system, and the events. It's going to be very hard to recreate most of that in minecraft.

    Now, add to that mix that zero people have come forward to help work on this as of yet, beyond a couple of links posted on this thread. There are a few people who have said that once it is all laid out they'll jump in, but getting to that point is the hard part.

    I'm starting to think that for all the reasons I've listed, this project should be put on hold for now.
    Maybe finish off a few of the smaller projects and try to get more people on the server before we tackle something quite so large.
    Barring that, perhaps something that is a little better defined.

    If you disagree and you have great ideas for how to proceed, I'd love to hear them.
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  20. Cakle

    Cakle Pastry Enthusiast

    I'm going to have to agree we put it on hold at this point.. unless we can find a way to really enhance the atmosphere of it, we may need to choose something else. Considering how long the small build is taking, I see no feasible way to tackle something so large in a reasonable amount of time with how few people would be actively working on it. I agree that we should tackle a few smaller projects first, It's helping us figure out how to actually go about a group build before we go jumping into something so massive.
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