Legionaire's introduction


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Hello, Minecraftcc

My name on Legionaire/Legionaire2 on the server.
I have been playing minecraft just over 6 months now, and by far its one of the best games to date. I have been a member of the server for a little over two months. In that time I have tried to build friendships with everyone on the builder server. I have also been constructing Labyrinth City in that time. I would describe myself as an athletic gamer. I am a proud father of four children. One of which plays on the build server (Lancer125476), I will also have my next son joining the server this friday 4/15/11. I look forward to building and having fun with everyone on the server.



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I'm glad you call this server your home legion, it's a pleasure to have you here.

And 4 young ones, wow! I'm surprised you have any time at all to play... :p One is already challenging enough for me!


Legionaire...!!! NICE!!!! My son was due Monday... Not out yet. Inducing on 19th if she doesn't pop till then... I can confirm Legionaire is a cool dude. Hope to build with ya!!!