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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by SgtSpike, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. SgtSpike

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  2. MsRowdyRedhead

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    Great video Sgt!!!
    Steam is allowing Early Access to Lego Worlds

    At first look it seems to be a combination of Properties in LEGO Universe (which was awesome), and Sim City.
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  3. MajorWumpus

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    This looks awesome... I'd be playing already except...
    Windows only so far. So now I'm just irritated.

    SgtSpike made me feel bad, he's a big meanie.
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  4. Cakle

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    I'd be saying something around the lines of "PC master race" right about now but I'm on a mac too. We can feel bad together.
  5. MsRowdyRedhead

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    LEGO generally follows with mac versions after a slew of requests or comments are received.
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  6. _DA_BOSS_

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    I LOVED lego universe... played it from launch until the second it went offline.... makes me sad to think about it again and my old character.... glad though that they are making something closish to it once more!

    Also a group of programmers who loved the game got permission from LEGO to revive it best they could! Here's the link I've been following this project for a long time:

    It's not 100% the way it was but they've been working at a fast pace to bring it back.
  7. MsRowdyRedhead

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    I played the alpha test, beta test and till the last second!!!

    There was a LOT of controversy over the revival... sadly I have friends on both sides.. I hope one of the groups is successful!
  8. _DA_BOSS_

    _DA_BOSS_ A terrible terror!

    I am just sticking it out to see which one goes better... I really wish they'd just work together
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  9. CrazyShadowy

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    The game looks interesting I hope to try it one day!
  10. Chaogus

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    Y'know.. Im getting money soon.. I'll probably pick this up.(Probably)
    If they ever add in multiplayer would we expect to ever see a MinecraftCC server..?
  11. MsRowdyRedhead

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    Finally! The first shot of the 4 new LEGO Minecraft sets, available August 1st.
    Which one are you most excited about?

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