Logging in error


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So far I've tried to log into this forum with three different computers using 3 different browsers and whenever I use the typical log in (With the javascript drop down menu) I log in and it accepts my credentials but it does not log in me. So I try to use the quick link method described below and that did not work it stated that I can only use that method via POST and to click back and try again. Not really sure of how to proceed.


Most Disliked Since 2015!
Yeah, finally the third computer I used let me log on.
Troubleshooting I tried,
*Clearing Browser cache
*Ip config release/renew
*Tried Internet Explorer 9
*Tried Internet Explorer 8
*Google Chrome
*Tried on Mac OS

Finally though, I was able to log in with Internet Explorer 8 on a Windows 7 PC.


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That's very odd indeed... I've never had a problem with logging in from any browser I've used. Could have definitely been a server hiccup.