Looking for a Hoe


Turtle Lover
Hi, I'm looking for a Hoe. The hoe must be high-quality with maximum endurance. I want to run my hoe down till it can't take no more, then drop it off somewhere and pick it back up later to reuse all over again. If you've got what I'm looking for, please send a reply msg.


If your hoe is adequate then perhaps we could make a deal. Say, I trade the seeds its produced in exchange for the upfront hoe product. Thank you.




Turtle Lover
"Dear Socrates271,
I have a full quality diamond hoe that I created before the server went down. I don't want seeds however if you can make another offer I'd be glad to trade. (I'm actually confused why I made it considered there's no damage thus no need for bread...) some wood is always nice, but I really need to repair that portal up the road from the spawn so a piece of obsidian might also be nice. Anyways I'm rambling on.

Thank you jacca, a deal hath been struck.