Main City Griefed


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Main City was greifed to hell at 10am CST. Once again no active mods. All we had was Kiwinz and he was lagging out of the server every so many min. regular greif material. Flint and steel and lava all over.. Awesome..


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I agree. I've seen 3 greifs in the past 2 days and that's more than we've seen this month. We need the security of McAdmin.


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3 griefs in 2 days actually isn't that bad. :p At one point there were over 20+ bans per day being handed out for griefing.


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Kiwinz said:
They are both banned,
Oli and I have been organising a clean up..

*Sgt we need MCAdmin back
Why not just make groups in hey0, and allow the group "VIP" access to stuff like flint and steel, and disallow it for group "guest"? I think there is a way to block it in hey0. If not, you can use GriefAlert to broadcast a message when a player uses a disallowed item (similar to what MCA did), and I think you can also have it remove the item.


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superriku, we're working on just that! GriefAlert doesn't allow you to set item usage by group, except having certain groups be completely unrestricted. Since I'm not sure about allowing the really big griefer tools like TNT into even a builder class, we cannot enable the lighter/lava/water for a builder class either. It's an all-or-nothing deal.

The good news is, I have a couple members working on reprogramming GriefAlert to allow for item usage by group, which will hopefully be the answer to our issues here. ;)