Map of old map


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Was able to map the old map

I could do the whole map but most of its just waist land, i did the civilized bit i think looks really cool,i can view it from all angles, night/day etc. Its also fully zoominable ;)
I would like to do the new map do if sgt ups it but i know hes worried about bandwith. this is the southwest up so you can see the names, and that lighthouse looks freakin amazing, you should see it at night :shock: . Im using mclive if anyones wondering

p.s you guys explore to **** much


You have to download it to zoom in


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Found this 2:

Im having way to much fun doing this, i also found a gaint man, a lava hill, a volcano, a pirate ship and a gaint sign saying XsvalavsX


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Too much stuff is spread out as well. To the southeast of the newcity (which was in your first map) was a tree city, and an underground city. Then there was the lost city which was a 2 hour walk from the spawn I believe. And there were several other areas of interest as well far from the newcity.

Thanks for making this though, very cool to see it in 3D.


Oh hai
I just attempted to make a full map of the server that ended up being 30,000 x 20,000 pixels or so. Unfortunately, the errors in the map caused it to not work. Took 9 GB of RAM though. XD


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Close-up of mario

You know your awsome when theres a pirate ship in your photo

This man stands tall

Looks Legit!

Waffles never understood north

What i've rendered

What i need to render

I told you, you guys explore to much :p

If i missed anything, just tell me