Map Reset? It may be time.


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Hey, just an idea, but i think it is maybe time for a map reset... Alot of peoople would be hurt by it, but it would be to benefit all. What do you guys think? Everywhere i loook as of now, is covered with stone and wood...


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Nah, you don't have to walk more then 5 minutes in a random direction from the spawn to find an un-touched area. And like you said, it would hurt alot of people. Most people hate map resets, and I think they should only be done when it's required to use new features. And SgtSpike mentioned in this post that since the votes for map reset every 3 months and only when required are matched (only when required is actually in the lead by 4 votes right now), the topic will be re-visited the next scheduled map reset.


Yea, its not necessary...

Honestly, we could walk for about 10 minutes, set spawn in a new location if it got THAT cluttered, and it'd be like a whole new map again.


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I may be wrong, but after creating an image file of the old map. I see a possible correlation between the enormous x,y planes and backup lag experienced on the server when the map saves.


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No map reset is planned, though we may move spawn around from time to time.


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SgtSpike said:
No map reset is planned, though we may move spawn around from time to time.
I'm with SgtSpike and the others on not resetting the map, but moving the spawn. Like you said, you could take a 10 minute walk, and it'd be almost like a new map. Heck, you could even go for 30 minutes, then it would pretty much be all new resources, areas, everything, and existing regulars still get the benefit of keeping their buildings and everything. :)


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No reset. You can walk a short distance and have a whole continent to yourself. I used to think the end of I-95 was far from spawn, but it's less than 3000 blocks. There's TONS of room out there if you just go for a hike.


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There'd be no point in trying to build large structures, like Pharos, if we were going to reset the map every few weeks. The world is absolutely huge, unless a patch forces a new map, or the map becomes highly corrupted and unmanageable, then I agree with other statements that you simply move the spawn.


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On top of it all: The decision to keep this map (if the (for some stupid reason mandatory) updates allow it) until the end of January 2011 was made a long time ago.

People went with that decision, planned accordingly. You don't waste your time building a long road if the map's gone in a week.

And so, to change that decision now without a really really good reason would just be the finger for the players. Also, it would call into question how serious (read: "true") official admin announcements for future events can be taken. Next time someone'd say "the map stays till Dec", would you believe it, or would you be like "Yeah. Right."? That could seriously poison the mood on the server.