McBubblz's Builder Application


Minecraft.CC Veteran.
Hi there this is my application to be a builder, here are some pictures of what I have built on Minecraft cc:
My giant version of in game items:

Now, here's my giant TNT in forbiddencity:

And finally a fighter jet:

The fighter jet and TNT still exist and are located at public warps for Vips, the fighter jet is at my own village called Echo's Bay (/warp echo) and the TNT is at Forbiddencity.

Unfortunately the other structures (giant in game items) are no more, as they were taken down so there room for the next structure to be there.



Retired Administrator
Thank-you for applying for Builder status on our Creative world.

The mods have decided to Decline your application. You may re-apply in 7 days.

Don't feel disheartened that we have declined your appeal, with some extra hard work you may be successful next time!

How you can improve -
  • The fighter jet isn't bad but it is a bit small
  • The tools you made are pretty basic, and very small. I can't remember who, but someone did proper giant versions of tools before - literally 40 blocks high.
  • The TNT block isn't finished on the other side or roof and again is very basic
  • You need to show us a proper building. Something architecturally inspiring. Take a building you like in real life and try and copy it in minecraft, or just some features of it.
We appreciate the time you have taken for your application, good luck next time :)