MCxMammer's Builder Application


I ask the stupid questions around here.
2011-07-29_02.12.28.png2011-07-25_11.49.22.png2011-07-25_12.11.24.png2011-07-25_12.12.36.png2011-07-25_12.16.15.png2011-07-25_12.16.33.png2011-07-25_12.16.45.png2011-07-25_12.17.12.png2011-07-25_12.18.13.png2011-07-25_12.29.56.png Hello, I would like to apply for the builder position :)
Below are some of my homes, i like to make them either stand out, or make them as realistic as possible. Hope you enjoy!
This is my most currently used home, i share it with Sensei04092011-07-25_11.49.22.png
This is one side of the living room with a flat screen.2011-07-25_12.29.56.png
My bedroom within the home.2011-07-25_12.11.24.png
Center Floor2011-07-25_12.12.36.pngThis is my house in Olympus Cove, This has come a long way. It initially was a massive blob of wood that looked like it was eating the mountain that its on, but i trimmed it down to make it look more modern.
The kitchen of the house2011-07-25_12.17.12.png
This is the balcony view with some nice flowers :)2011-07-25_12.18.13.png
This one of two living rooms, That is a double sided flat screen tv2011-07-25_12.16.33.png
I would LOVE to be able to build on the new creative world. Not having to worry about collecting a certain amount of items. Anything is possible :)
Thanks for your time!


I ask the stupid questions around here.
What? are you talking about the pictures on the inside of my Olympus house? i thought the lamp lights would be enough XD


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i like the lava on the outside. it's like you trained it to go the directions you wanted it to go! i hope you become a builder, and sensei too :laugh:


I ask the stupid questions around here.
Yeah, ive been a lava trainer for like a week. My only advice is to bring lots of stuff for it to omnom when it does somthing right.


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You aren't allowed to post pictures of your work in single player it has to be all done on the server, I asked Oliver he said no because I was going to.


I ask the stupid questions around here.
Okay, well that doesnt make sense because building on single player with commands is an exact simmulation of building on sure dftk will help me out on this one considering he did the same thing...did you go all party pooper on his aplication yet?


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Thank-you for applying for Builder status on our Creative world.

The mods have decided to Decline your application. You may re-apply in 7 days.

Don't feel disheartened that we have declined your appeal, with some extra hard work you may be successful next time!

How you can improve -
  • The structures have to be built on our server so that we can prove you built them.
  • Interior design is only a bonus, we look for more exterior design.
  • The lava tower is very basic, if it had more curves or looked a little more miraculous it might work.
We appreciate the time you have taken for your application, good luck next time :)