Merry Christmas!


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thanks for allowing us to take a peek into your house SgtSpike. I have a vid you might like I just found it on youtube via my mom... and sis...but yah. If any of you guys/gals like Ipads or Iphones, you will love this next vid.
description: North Point's iBand
Christmas music using borrowed iPhones and iPads at North Point Community Church.



Yeah I think the cut in of you on the piano is great. Nice piano skills aswell! :)

And the iband is pretty awesome, I thought playing around with ipads in stomerfront was fun, but this looks awesome!


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Christmas is coming up in what. . . 1 month and 6 days?
Not that anyone's counting :p

That was a cool video :D
Nice piano skills.
I can only imagine you've gotten better in the past 4 years.