Minecraft CC Groups (Steam, Xfire, etc)


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Xfire: http://www.xfire.com/communities/minecraftcc/
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/MinecraftCC

At the request of some members, I've set up steam and xfire groups for our minecraft community. Xfire has support for Minecraft now, so it'll track the hours you've wasted on Minecraft. :p Steam is mainly so we can meet up and play other games with each other.

If you have any suggestions for other places I should create communities, let me know. ;)

Also, if you would like to help administrate any of these groups, let me know. I would appreciate the help.


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Joined the steam one, don't have X-Fire.
Might be interested in helping with the steam group. Would be a good idea to add the server details (addresses, rules and admins).
Could be pretty useful for advertising events (like the one bubonic has arranged at the PvP server).
Would it be possible to add it to the server info box up top, I know it's getting a bit cramped now, but it would drastically increase joining rates I think.


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Yeah, I'll work on adding in details to each group in a bit.

Good call on adding it in to the server box... might have to figure out a better way to condense the information in there and make it less busy.


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I love steam :p My family has a gaming clan(Stealth Gaming) and several servers across our community,predominantly for G-mod and TF2. Maybe we can advertise for these servers? Our rival clan (NNJG) that we gained independace from has a MC server so we would love to draw traffic away from them. We can even place advertisments on the map in game.


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Go for it globey, I wouldn't mind at all! If the Stealth Gaming community is large enough, I'd also be willing to host a link to their website/forum.


thats all i need man ..... i waste my life on games i hate the ideea of seeing the hour of nearly weeks on weeks just playing minecraft