Minecraft cc texture pack suggestion


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It may be me, but I think the wood and grass textures are too bright. I think wood (both refined planks and regular wood) and grass look better just a little bit darker and maybe the grass a little bit rougher, as I think it's too smooth. Just a suggestion for CJ! :p Comments are appreciated.


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Thanks for the feedback!
I personally like the grass that bright and smooth (smoothness was a key aim). If there is enough demand I would consider changing it.
As for the wood, that may get tweaked a little, not sure though.
What would help would be if you could link to a texture pack you like as an example.


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I prefer the smoothed textures that are in the pack now, I dont think the grass needs to change. About the wood, I wouldn't mind either way. Like CJ said, if you can post an example of what you think would look better for comparison, that would help.


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I want the grass to stay, i wouldn't mind the wood darkening a tad, although i like it at the moment