MinecraftCC and the recent Minecraft update


Retired Administrator
So everyone is probably wondering what is taking so long and why they can't get on the server. Here are some answers to questions you guys are probably wondering about.

Q: Why can't I get on the server at the moment?
A: You have updated to minecraft 1.6.x - in the future, when Minecraft asks you to update, don't click 'yes' until you are sure the server is also updated. The server is still on 1.5 at the moment, so that is why you can't connect.

Q: When will the server be updated to 1.6?
A: It is hard to say. The software we used got to an acceptable stage today to start testing. I have been working on it, but there are still some large bugs that I simply can't do anything about.

Q: It never normally takes this long to get the server updated when Notch releases an update, what gives this time?
A: Notch made a real mess of the recent update. Normally his releases reach a maximum bug version of 1.x.2 - i.e. 2 bug patches. To put it in perspective, this update has already reached 1.x.6 - that's 6 bug patches in less than a week. If some more time had been spent testing, then we would not be sitting here now waiting for more bug patches.

Q: Other servers are running fine on 1.6, why aren't we?
A: We use a piece of software called Bukkit. It is an extended API for the Minecraft Server. It allows us to have all the cool features ranging from multiple worlds and inventories right down to simple coloured text. The biggest disadvantage to using Bukkit is that it adds another stage when Minecraft is updated - once the update is out, we then have to wait for Bukkit to update too before we can update our server.
There is also something called 'Recommended Builds'. These are very stable builds recommended by the bukkit team. Some servers attempt to use testing builds to get their server updated quicker. This is not a very good idea as they can be unstable and could compromise player inventories and our map files.

Q: I don't care about all the stuff above, I just want to get back on the server.
A: Do it yourself :) See how far you get!