MinecraftCC The RPG

Did you enjoy it?

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  • Yes, but it had a lot of bugs

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  • 101 eet wuz sooooo funneh111!!!

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  • I couldn't play it!

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Annoying 13 year old.
I feel as if you copied a lot of things from my adventures of pvp. I faced A LOT of noobs in this game and in Pvp and stomped them all I deserve recognition!

Good job though!
(Appreciate my theme song being played later in the game!)


I'm out, come find me elsewhere.
I'm not particularly comfortable executing an .exe from someone elses computer. Can you make a .zip of the raw folder as well?


Head Collector
I beat it 1!1! You did an overall great job, also i was looking at the names of the people that you had put and i saw "spartangod9"......