Minecrafter Rehab


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So as you all may or may not know, I write films. Currently, I decided to make my new film short. Just a fun little project I'm going to work on with some friends. Essentially, It would be a movie about reinserting minecrafters into society. It would be from a documentary point of view. Some of the things I would be thinking about would be like taking the newly adjusted minecrafters on a nature walk and some of them just sort of punching trees. Or maybe having some minecrafters mistake a green light at a stop light as a creeper... I dunno just a thought. Anything else is good too. Please include all your suggestions...


That is genuinely epic. My friend was going to make a (very) ameture attempt at this, after enjoying making "Too real tournament"

I wrote a song on Minecraft rehab actually, I was barely able to keep my eyes open and my tiredness made it very weird, but I'm glad it's a common thought and not my own warped mind being... warped.

Mind, or mined? :)

Good luck, I look forward to seeing the final product.

A suggestion could be a shot of the door with a sign on it saying "minecraft rehab" and someone going up to it and punching it, expectinng it to click open or the like.


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How about a pvp side to it..

"New guy walks into rehab carrying a diamond sword (cardboard with foil) and seeing everyone in room....goes and crouches outside the door. Then he starts to attack those that come out to pull him in."

What do you think?


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I love the idea of having a pvp aspect to it... I was also thinking about including the cardboard box heads seen on Notch's Blog: http://notch.tumblr.com/

Perhaps showing the digression of a Minecrafter... I.E. having them first start wearing only blue shirts and slowly devolving into cardboard default man... Perhaps having intense fear of spiders... mistaking a stop light for a redstone torch... I'm not too sure yet... Keep the ideas coming