Missing items from furnace when logging out/back in


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I was wondering if anybody has had the same problem as I have. I set my furnaces to run while I was logged out overnight and when I came back today my coal was missing along with the end product... can't remember what I was making though. Now I have no coal! At all! Anybody else have this issue??



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Losing items in furnaces is a fairly common bug for the game, hasn't been fixed yet...


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Teerahn said:
Anybody else have this issue??Teerahn
It has been a known problem for at least a few weeks. Do you have blocks around your furnace from the left, right, behind? If not, make some for next time. The game tries to rotate the furnace into the correct position (whatever that means), and for some insane reason, that seems to influence whether or not you can see the stuff in the furnace. You have less problems with a furnace that has no choice where to face.

But first you might want to try to recover your stuff like this.