Money Donations for the Server.


So I was looking around the forum and I got an idea to help improve the server. I know that all of the donations go to help improve the server and that the more money that is donated, the more people the server can hold at one time and the smoother the server runs. My idea is to have an option to donate a small amount of money like around $2 to be able to change the color of your name. I understand it would have to stand out from VIP color, Mod color, and Server owner color but if it is possible that would still leave a lot of colors. :lol: I know that people would do it for things like clans and stuff in the near future or just to stand out.

Any thoughts on the idea?


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It's certainly an interesting thought. So you think that people would donate $2 just to have their name be a different color than normal?


I'm not sure.... If it was to support the server they probably would because this is by far the best server I have ever been on! Why don't we have a poll on whether it is a good thing to add or not?


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Troutmask said:
Why don't we have a poll on whether it is a good thing to add or not?
Why don't you make a poll yourself? Just edit the first posting in this thread. The controls for polls are at the bottom.

The idea has a negative side: If people donate 2 or 3, they later might want to upgrade to 15 (VIP account), so SgtSpike would have to track the sum of all donations per person, which would be a new task. Another negative side would be that there'd be another color that newbies would have to learn. And the chat would change color per line more often which might be distracting.

By the way, SgtSpike: Wouldn't it make sense to change the color of normal players from white to gray? The chat text is white, and so, if the normal names were gray, all names would be different from chat text. Might improve readability. Especially since some chat lines are two lines long.


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i feel that this will be a bad idea
i feel the name colors should only be for ranked and vip members so that new players or old players to the server will clearly see who is a admin or vip .

and i liked "the_actual_God"'s idea


perhaps like warcraft we adopt the idea of guild names under your character name, would help in pvp wars, as well as we could sell rites to make guilds and its less work.

only a quick though so far, and we would need a plugin but perhaps its a start?