on another server me and my friends were discussing that it would be cool if minecraft had moss, like in caves it could grow but only in dark places, so he said to post this idea in as many places as you can and see if it catches on so could everybody on cc help spread this idea and see if notch reads it :cool:


Server Moderator
This was actually on Notch's to-do list before the Halloween update -
Given that it was such a low priority then, I think its safe to say if it does happen it won't be for a while :(
Particularly as Jens is out of commission until after 1.6 (Jens seems to be playing the more creative role lately, with Notch working more on the backend, or just being notch).
I kinda would be interested to see how it would look, could either be more atmospheric or epic fail depending on how moss translates to a block based world.