what lag on survival do you get?

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sorry about the titel i couldent help myself...

now to the question!
i have no lag on build, nether, or pvp.

when i play on my main server, survival, i lag like if i were playing CoD Black Ops on release.

all id like to know is this:
do you have lag?

if other people are having the same problem id also like to know if the mods are working on fixing it, or if its a problem with MC self.


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From this thread -
Bubblz the reason you lag is because you are in the UK, same as me. The server is like 3000 miles away. You may have a good internet connection, but your latency to the US will still be several magnitudes greater than someone living on the other side of the pond.

You will lag more on PVP and survival than any other world. Nether will be the least laggy, followed by build, followed by PVP, followed by survival. If people want an explanation here is why:

Survival: Mobs. Mobs kill worlds with lag.
PVP: Fire spread + lava + water + the actual PVP system itself. The minecraft server has to relay a lot more information to the client when PVP is turned on, and vice verse when the client is sending to the server. This extra information creates increased latency when having something like a PVP fight.
Build: LOTS of animals, massive variety of block types, weather actually interacts with stuff unlike the nether, lots of minecart systems
Nether: It doesn't lag at all. The only thing in the nether that can create lag is the lava, and there is no 'flowing' lava in the nether, only still pools and tubes of lava from the ceiling. There are no mobs, so no lag from there.
So yeah not much we can do, thats just the way survival is :(


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I get massive lag, even playing on the local network. It's just inefficiencies in Minecraft in general... mobs are too intensive for multiplayer play.

Picture it like any other FPS game. What's the max number of players they typically have? 64, 128? 256 in rare cases? With mobs, there are literally 1000+ mobs at any given time in the world. All of these entities must be tracked, and within a chunk of a player, there can be hundreds of mobs. Each of those mobs much have calculations done to determine if they are close enough to the player to detect the player, and thus become aggressive against the player.

It's just a lot of computations to be done, for a lot of different entities, and it produces lag. Not much we can do about it, unfortunately.


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I have a little bit of lag .The reason I have a little bit of lag is I play on a desktop computer.It's mainly when i go into the nether cause of the fire!I'm now a person that mainly doesn't go into the nether.:D