Music Thread!


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Thanks Valk & everyone else who posted comment on the video, much appreciated!

Epic song too Valk, thanks for sharing. Great game, makes me want to play it again. Some of the comments were hilarious too... :lol:


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Thanks for the link! I love Piano music, and will give these some listens as well as sending your page onto some friends.
Keep up the playing!....Makes me want to get back to Piano.


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Heres some music and animation from some epic Swedish people with beards! Seems appropriate -

Some very naice music from one of my favourite bands -

And of course some MUSE (I do prefer some of their earlier stuff but youtube seems to fail to find any in decent quality) - ... ure=relmfu

Finally a song that deserves to be played loud -

I'll post some more next time :)


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I don't know if anyone here knows about Chip music, but i am really into listening to it :) ill post some links to a few of my favorite songs:

..... on second thought, i am just going to link to my user profile on, it's a chip music website :) i have a playlist of all my favorite songs available there.


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SgtSpike said:
I love me some good instrumental. :D

you might like this .... .... this guy makes chip music, but he also has instrumental type music (and some other music that is just plain weird)

i have personally listened to each and every song on that website, so ill point to some of my favorite instrumentals he has.

Moving -------------------- Can be found in "2001" ---------- my favorite :)

Barter_Banter ------------ Can be found in "2004"

Discovery -----------------
Echoes_Of_The_Past ----
Quest --------------------- These can be found in "personal best"
Retrospective ------------
Starlight ------------------


Good stuff dfkt, listening to it now. Pretty relaxing actually, lol.
Haha thank you, I've been trying for years, so I don't think I'm a natural for it, but it's nice to have a hobby. I mostly listen to relaxing music, I like Jazz and Hip Hop that relies heavily on Jazz samples although, you wouldn't be able to tell listening to what I've made.