My Ban appeal


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Hi dudes of Minecraft cc....well my story is i was on survival and i was new to mine craft and it was getting dark so i dug down and accidentally went into somones house. later i dug out and was on my way. then later a mod tped me back to the house which was not fixed and said "fix it" so i did then i left and the mods friend fallowed me... i went to pvp he then began swearing at me so i took lava and burned him..then i got banned....i don't remember the guys name...i would really like to be unbanned..and I'm sorry if i did something wrong


Thank you Xam. Keep an eye on this thread, if we have any further questions we'll ask. You should hear back from us shortly.


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Super, if you re-read my post it tells you why I asked that question. I couldn't find it, but that might have been due to how tired I was at the time. None the less it has been taken care of now.


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Thank you for your patience, Xamthegreat. The moderator team has come to a decision and decided that you will be permanently banned. You were warned multiple times about going through peoples homes and chests, and never responded to the moderator who questioned you, then logged off. The story you present in your appeal has nothing to do with why you were banned, and according to our logs as well as the moderator's who banned you, never even occurred. We're glad you took the time to visit our server, and sincerely hope you find one that you will enjoy playing on.