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Underground Garden
It Started as my mineshaft then was converted once I got deep enough to be near bedrock.

My First Home
I started with a 3 floor plan and then it just exploded. The top floors windows are full of flowing lava, and there is a water elevator from the bottom to the top (or vice versa)

I wanted to build something unique, and had originally intended to go with a stonehenge type design, THIS IS INCOMPLETE, you can even see some of the dirt scaffolding behind the first wall (so dont judge me too harshly.)


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Very nice projects DrMadFellow! I like that you made a building that wasn't parallel to the x or y of the world... :D


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Like the work in progress one, gives me something to look at when I'm spending countless hours on my dam :)


I'm out, come find me elsewhere.
Thanks spike! Yeah, I like to make things that I don't normally see being built. Kinda like the crazy ideas that drift in my head.

And your dam is pretty epic already XS! Let me know if you want any help with it.


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Thank you! I could always use the help but its kinda unstimulating work ATM. :S

I like the statue you added in the middle of the tower, its too bad the hell portal's in it can't work yet!


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Some updates and new things
W.I.P. Mystical Tower

My tower has come along quite a bit in the last few days. Thankfully I did all the decorating before the infinite lave fix.

And here is the inside, as I said, i like to create things I haven't seen before ^_^

Lonely Pathway

I created the lonely pathway parallel to Roman Way, it takes approx 30-35 minutes start to finish. There are a LOT of great places to build along this two lane fully lit road! Including more than one floating mountain.

North Pole

Soon to be the destination for your holiday building! Located at the end of Lonely Pathway, this is the future site of santa's workshop and the giant christmas tree (both are planned to be built by me)