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  1. Gateship

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    Well its spring break and I'm going to have A lot of free time. so let me just show you one of my hobbies i just recently started getting a little more serious in. 468388_411578158871044_100000565910842_85856305_1503198769_o.jpg
    Yes this is a mewtwo and it is made of these marvelous little things called pearler beads. but this is not even the impressive one.
    This is Garados. also made by pearler beads.

    But here is my dilemma. i have run out of clever things to make with it that ARE NOT pokemon.

    Why i am making this thread is to ask, if you have any ideas of things i could possibly make, i won't make any mine craft stuff because, quite frankly, it is very boring to. i will appreciate what you say but i cannot guarantee that it will be made. because these things take time and effort. also my pets mess with it sometimes messing up the pattern cause about an hour of repair...

    Anyways please consider and thank you in advance.
  2. SgtSpike

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    Those are pretty nice!

    I'd go for some 8-bit classics, like Mario, Zelda, Bowser, etc... pretty much anything Nintendo from the 90's.
  3. Gateship

    Gateship Lamp Post King

    ah yes those, i have considered making those but i would want to make something more unique and clever, but i have made some of those. ;)
  4. DrMadFellow

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    Makes pokemenz because they are unique and not popular at all. :laugh:

    But seriously, they look cool. Great job! :thumbsup:
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  5. Gateship

    Gateship Lamp Post King

    this is the next thing I'm going to make
  6. DrMadFellow

    DrMadFellow I'm out, come find me elsewhere.

    You are a sprite artist right gateship? Any chance I could commision you for a custom minecraft skin?
  7. Gateship

    Gateship Lamp Post King

    uh, i haven't made an original sprites, and to me a mine craft skin is too small but i could see what i could do, depending on what you want.
  8. NZ_Forever

    NZ_Forever One of the "original PvP terrorisers"

    Make awesome anime people that move and fight!
  9. Gateship

    Gateship Lamp Post King

    i actually finished this awhile ago just forgot to post the picture
  10. FrothingLuck

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  11. Gateship

    Gateship Lamp Post King

    to big, i don't have enough space.... thats well over 1500X1500 pixels. i can only work with 120X90 pixel things ATM

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