My Future Plugins


Turtle Lover
These are plugins I've started to design for enjoyment.

Note: These are all outdated hmod 131 build, bukkit releases in future.
Syntax available via /help.
Set cmd within desired group (EX: vip:a:/god:default: or mods:b:/god:vip: )
Upcoming Plugins!
Exp System
Strength – ability to destroy mobs increased
Defense – ability to take hits increased
Spec. Buffs :
(food items?)

Skills: (earned at level stages: 10, 30, 50, 70, 100)
-Fire arrow
-Ice Arrow
-Light Arrow
-TNT Arrow
-Critical Strike (Instant or near-death kill – random chance)

Currency System
“From the void we came seeking light. Light began an age in which life held value. Seek now, these beacons of light and exchange for your survival and wealth. For no crafter is without his glory and no glory is without its woes.” – The word of craft - circa æ
“Before a soul can be forged into an instrument of death. One must achieve mastery of craft. Seek a flower, a mushroom, or a sapling. Once collected, state thy claim at the altar of spawn and proclaim thy words: ‘/iliketurtles’, once delivered you are now ready and a mighty wooden sword appears in your hand. Use it well, for a grim future lies ahead.” – The word of craft – circa ???
“Records speak of the soul as a vessel of the void. Creepers and experienced crafters contain a greater vitality. Here appeareth their value.”
Currency Yields: (adjustable via rates.txt)
Creeper = 5 Soul
Zombie = 1 Soul
Skeleton = 3 Soul
Player = 7 Souls (optional)
Wanted Player = 10 Souls (optional)
Newborn Player = 0 Souls (optional)
5 Souls = Any leather tool/armor
75 Souls = Any iron tool/armor
250 Souls = Any diamond tool/armor
Coal x1 = 14
Iron x1 = 25
Gold x1 = 30
Diamond x1 = 100
Obsidian x1 = 50
Cobble Stone x1 = 1
Log x1 = 10
Sand x1 = 1
Dirt x1 = 1
Clay x1 = 75
Gun Powder x1 = 100

"To view thy collection of souls, seek within and chant this mantra: '/souls', only then will you see."

Kick upon Death System (possible to relogin without query?)
/deathKick – Enables kick and forced relogin upon death


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Very interesting mate :) I haven't look at extending minecraft much, I haven't touched Java since university. How well supported is the codebase (if at all)?

Would love to join in but barely have enough time to login and play for more than an hour a day!


Turtle Lover
Right now it's fairly large and easy to code so long as you know 1-3 years of Java in a Uni or high-school.

Most importantly I'm looking for opinions as to what features to add or remove.


Instead of currency you should do souls like stats?
With web support?
And Kill/Death notice?
Kill tally?

Things that should already be in pvp :p


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Kiwinz said:
Instead of currency you should do souls like stats?
With web support?
And Kill/Death notice?
Kill tally?

Things that should already be in pvp :p
Okay, adding those on for future versions (with mysql support).

That's an interesting thought about the soul stats. Sort of like a vampire/blood mage deal. I'll do both soul stats and soul forge.


Turtle Lover
Thanks! I'm thinking about incorporating Soul Forge with a Zombie defense /towny mix. There's a plugin in the download section up there that spawns a specified number of zombies/skeles/creepers and teleports you back home to fight off the invasion.

So basically players of a guild could trade their collected soul strength and sacrifice it for mob defenses which would spawn in locations the guild-leader assigns them to.

So imagine entering into the gates of an obisidian castle and finding yourself surrounded by zombies and creepers suddenly come all around from the woods behind you.

I'm so getting a C in trig, :D but some things are just worth it.


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I am pleased to present:

DeathShout v1.0 - hey0 build 131


/Deathkick - Enables/Disables DeathShout v1.0

***By default is only available to Admins.


Copy .jar into plugins directory and setup plugin=DeathShout

DeathShout.Properties will be created the first time the plugin is loaded. It will look like this by default.
@@@= Customize Death Messages Below 
To load plugin without server restart type into console:

enableplugin DeathKick
To restart plugin type into console:

reloadplugin DeathKick

If you want to change DeathShout settings without a server restart:

edit file
reloadplugin DeathKick via console

DOWNLOAD: ... hShout.jar


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DID I SEE ZOMBIES????? yayyyy I love you SOC hehehe I've been pushing for an apocalypse style game type for awhile =D