My stuff on the PVP server


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Thought i would share what i've been making on the PVP server, since on there its harder for everyone to see what with the ability to kill n all :p

Castle in the background, eiffel tower in the foreground.The latter is made of fence posts :p

Sky house in the middle and Drickz's house on the far right.

The sky house has a central hub with 4 nodes. Node furthest away is the exit node where you drop down onto water. Node on the left is a wheat farm, on the right is a tree farm, and closest node is a friendly mob farm (has grass there).

The walls of the castle are 3-thick smoothstone. Don't even talk to me about how long it took to smelt all that -.- It is built into a hill which means i could use the pre-existing smoothstone for a lot of the lower part of the castle.

Here you can see the main entrance with the prisoners water entrance below. As kiwinz mentioned - Tower of London style :p

And thats a view back from the walls of the castle to my sky house.

Now what should i build :p


pure awesomeness, the Eiffel tower is great because it is made of fences. Really great creations and I love the green house building on the nodes, I have a greenhouse on the build server which is NOTHING compared to what you've got there :D

Very nice (Y)


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Love the snow cave. That's got to be my favorite place... it looks so... smooth... Never seen anything like it.


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Rain said:
The snow cave is even more epic than the rest, really unique. Also I love the lighting (Y)
I totally agree on the cave (and the rest). Oli is really a builder!

Beautiful lighting in Minecraft (might not work for a while after Beta comes out this day): BetterLight

The installer of this client side mod has several options. One is BetterLight. Good. Another is BetterGrass. Good, too. (Both are in Oli's screenshots.) There is also a small on-screen map. Do not install that part, or SgtSpike might object to your presence on the server. And there is a fourth one, something that lets you reply to the last guy who sent you a /msg, never tried it, might be cool.

This lighting needs a little more computer power, I think, but for those who can do it: Do it. This should be Minecraft default.


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Yeah BetterLight and BetterGrass are amazing :D

Thanks guys :p Snow cave took epically long to do the roof.


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wow..... i'll never compare to you ever.... thats just.... wow.... i am really amazed by this you've got a talent