MY TOWN on fire!


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Thank you ajg for calling the minecraftcc fire department, the fire was put out hopefully to your satisfaction. The bill for said service will be appearing in your mailbox since we are a private company and not a public service. ;)

(just kidding, glad to be able to help you with the fire)


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NZ, while I would normally laugh at that, the sad part is I have read stories of fire departments here in the USA that are private, not public and they will come if say the neighbors house is on fire and they paid their bill, but if you didn't, they will stand around and watch your house burn down.

Check this out.

Thank goodness this isn't the same at my place!
Things like this are rampant in upper scale communities. Basically, it is a privately owned fire company (usually owned by the development) that get paid every year by fees of the home owners, what usually happens is a new couple/family move into this house and haven't had a chance for their fees to process. The fire truck comes out, puts out the fire and then the family is slapped with extra fees since they aren't a part of the system.


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Yay for capitalism!
Having a mixture of private/public services sounds way more complicated than it needs to be when you are talking about emergency service.
Reminds me of this -

And -

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Oh nice!! I thought they were done with a few years and no episodes.

EDIT: Wait, there's a season 4?? Haha, I have some watchin to do!