natNat321's ban appeal


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um hi its katestar123, i'm doing natNat321's appeal cause she dosen't know how to. nat is SOOO sorry! this is the only server she ever plays on and she will do anything to get back on! ill type exactally what she texted me, i dint mean to!! i was on a call and was exploring in the night and it was raining and i found a house that has a golden apple. i pretended to take it but i thought i put it back!!! but..i guess i diddent.... i am truly sorry and i will give the person all my goodies for however long! thx guys plz get back to me, she is heartbroken THX!


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natNat321 you have been unbanned but now have a Strike against you. Please keep that in mind as you play.

And kate, maybe walk her through on making an account. This could have been avoided if she had one here so we could just PM her about it.