New grinder coming soon on survival.


After the proof of concept of my pigmen grinder, I have started building a mom grinder that produces an insane amount of zombies, creepers, and skeletons. With just 4 out of 18 levels built in the mob generator I have achieved an ok flow of mobs. After I am finished fully building the killing zone and finish mapping out the full grinder area, I will finish the mob generator. I did the initial layout for 4 18 floor mob generators. Due to the volume I am achieving with 1 mob generator with only 4 floors completes, I may have to rethink it to no more than 1 or 2 mob generators due to the high flow of mobs. So the original "Grinder" I built before is considered super slow compared to what I am building now. Expect a mob flow rate 5-10 as much as before with less lag.
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