New hidden lighting.


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ok so this is something i found and only just got up now. ill explain how to make it at bottom.​
sorry but thats all the photos i could put up at the moment. (computer is being slow and not loading things properly)​

ok so pretty much just hide a torch (or any other light source behind it. jack'0 lanterns are best from what i have found, obviously lava and wood don't mix so don't try that)​
i have already made a few things that look really cool using this and i hope you all do aswell.​

post pics and comment.​
thanks. Drocks99​


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I had this at my old house, so I found it before you :)
(Found in 1.3, ask a mod about my old house and its glowing walls. Use fire, wood stairs are not flammable, but make sure that fire spread is disabled :D)