New PVP Map! Factions!


Retired Administrator
On Wednesday 15th at 6PM GMT we will be getting a brand new PVP map. The main reason for this is we are introducing a new plugin - Factions! This will allow you to team up and build towns with friends, whilst declaring yourselves enemies of other factions and attempting to steal their land. I hope you can understand why we need a new map for this to be effective.


EVERYONE will keep the inventory they have on their person. All I'm going to do is change the name of the world in your current pvp inventory to the new one. So pack all the stuff you want to keep into your inventory by Wednesday 15th at 6PM GMT

VIPs will also have until Sunday at 6PM GMT to get their inventory - ask a mod to take you into the old PVP world once the new PVP one is up.