Some would call me Tim
"In a land so cold and bitter/
The snow, movement stops from hither/
breathing on the god's magic/
...gee, I think my nipples are frozen"


Nifleheim is a frozen city/fortress located at the far Southern end of the creative map. As you can see from the screenshot above, it's still rather empty.​
The theme is a land of magic (not the sparkly-I-<3-unicorn-kind) crafted by wizards to protect "something".​
In the future, it will have:​
  • An ice Fortress of some sort in the center
  • A network of towers
  • Large mana crystal
  • "Something"
  • A village to the north, in the mountains
  • Possibly another village within
  • A cathedral
And other stuff I haven't quite made up yet. Others are welcome to build in the area, though please talk to me first, to make sure it will fit in.


Ice does not melt on creative. Nor does fire spread or leaves decay.

Will there be Frost Giants?


Not in the slightest. Frost Giants are part of Norse Mythology. If I recall properly, they are specifically related to Niflheim and the Mountains.


A l'aise Breizh
The Frost Giants are more eternal gardians than gods. And yes, it could be great Wako ! For exemple in your wall, a big door with a giant on each side :x3: