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Goodie from Germany
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Hey all,

my playername is Nightox and in the real world I'm called Nico. I just arrived the server a few days ago. Now I take my chance to introduce myself here.
Well currently I'm 17 years old and from Stade in Germany. I play Minecraft since the version 1.4.x in 2013 meanwhile I have gained a lot of experience in it. I really like building and I was building on some other servers so far. Under this Thread I linked you my first house on the Server, not the best of me but a great starter house.
Out of Minecraft in my freetime I like to play tennis and program in PHP, HTML and a bit Java.
Also, I really like to play other computer games such as ARK and Sims 4.
Well, I'm not a native english speaker as you probably noticed, forgive me if I make any mistakes.
I'm looking forward to finish a shop-plot! :)

I'm looking forward to many happy hours on CC!
Best regards, Nico | Nightox

My first house:
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Goodie from Germany
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I thank you all! I'm looking forward to many great experiences on the server! I'm very hyped! :)