Not even kidding MU Online private server.


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I think we should all band together and invest in a MU online private server. Its a pretty low ram intensive game, the graphics are kind of outdated but if you are into hack and slash games its perfect, amazing PVP and some pretty neat questing. like I say it's a fairly out dated game. It's a win/win for everyone. If we started an item mall for the server that would bring a substantial amount of revenue for both the mu server, and the minecraft server.

I ask for the all great and powerful mighty fearless leaders to take a look at my idea and weigh it out. It's a low maintenance, low cost, high revenue server proposition. A few others and myself CCers have a strong knowledge of the game dynamics and mechanics and figure with a couple of the others could run that particular server with ease.

Hit me back dawgs.


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Unfortunately running a private server for just about any MMO is against the law unless explicitly stated otherwise. I did a little research and it does seem that MU forbids private servers in their TOS agreement. It's not worth the possible lawsuit.


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private servers are illegal.. .but most games dont care. iv run private servers.

They do however get touchy if you have the very lates t update that official has and if you make massive amoutns of money off it.

I recall playing mu in official and private ages ago... i think i even had a personal private server for a short while.


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There's a lot of illegal stuff you can get away with, but I'm not one to be doing illegal stuff, so... this is not going to happen. But thanks for the suggestion anyhow!


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Yeah, a few games allow private servers: most notably lineage 1&2, and ultima online. You'll be stuck a few versions behind the live server version though.


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Ncsoft actually even provides the software

EDIT: my info was outdated. They don't like this now.