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Notch's reactions to stuff posted on GetSatisfaction.

Reddit account of the Minecraft musician:

These are the Twitter accounts of Mojang employees so far (found here and here):

notch (Markus Persson) coder

jeb_ (Jens Bergensten) coder <--- If you wanna know about features, bugfixes etc., follow this account, not Notch's.

JahKob (Jakob Porser) coder

mollstam (Tobias Mollstam) coder

jnkboy (Junkboy) "Art monkey. Will dance for dollars or the promise of fun."

Kappische (Daniel Kaplan) business development

carlmanneh (Carl Manneh) managing director (CEO)

left to right: mollstam, JahKob, Kappische (photo taken by jnkboy) (this info according to JahKob)

Another photo: