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So, since I played PD400's game this evening, I've been going Nyan Cat crazy and I've started listening to the non-stop version (at http://nyan.cat). When I was talking to Socrates in-game, he suggested we make a forum thread for the longest time that people have listened to Nyan cat without stopping. Since I thought it was a great idea, I decided to start it off.

The rules are simple:
-You have to have been listening to it the whole time. So no putting it on and leaving the room/apt./house.
-If possible post a screen capture of the site which lists your total amount of time (in seconds). This will help back up any claims, though it's not necessary.
-If there's a story involved, please share it if you can. I'm just curious what caused people to want to listen to this for long periods of time.


As for me, I've been listening to it for over 7,400 seconds. I'll post a screen capture when I go to bed tonight and actually stop listening.


P.S. I think I might be going a little insane from the constant Nyan...


Here's my final time for this attempt. 2 hours, 24 minutes, and 42 seconds (8665.1 seconds).


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Psh - I've already been listening to this nonstop for months. Do I win?



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Did you follow rule #1? I don't think so. ^_^

Though that second count is pretty impressive looking.



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F.Y.I There's a 'lower volume' button that enable rainbow seizure mode! Just keep clicking it lol!

P.S. I no longer like turtles... Nyan