Obama Bin Laden Dead?


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Im quid happy for the americans who ofc hated him... erm... lets just say quid alot... GZ USA!:rofl::):D;):lachen::x3::giggle::thumbsup:
i bet the people who found him were some old danish couple.
i hope not.
because that means we have to hear their ridiciulus story. ''we were just going to the store for milk'' or somthing like that.
also dont ask me how they ended up in hes lair, or how they kille him.

anyway how did he die for real?



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A US team went into a city in Pakistan, went into Bin Ladens mansion, and got into a firefight. Then took him back with them. according to Obama at least. Apparently they knew where he was since August. Lets just hope this doesnt incite more violence.


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he's dead and all the people who lost family in the 911 suicide bombings is happy. YAY. i hope that no violence occurs like the 911 bombing. btw could they do something like that again cause they seem pretty unorginized at the moment?


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Bottom line is, we can't let our guard down. There have been many foiled attempts of terrorism since 9/11, all because we have been on high alert for such activities since then.


Anyways, I'm skeptical that he's really dead, but that's moreso me being wary due to the fact we've "killed" him what, three times now?
Hopefully they don't retaliate full force now that their leaders dead.


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Most thing I was by far wondering will who will take his place I saw a lot of talk about it on the news but YAY he's finally gone