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  1. oliverw92

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    Creative is fairly limited in terms of size. To help stop us having loads of cities all built in very similar styles, there are going to be 'official' cities and locations if you want to build in a certain way e.g. Greek, Roman etc.

    Please note that unless you get explicit written permission in this thread to start a town in the same style as any in this post you should NOT be building them. Just go and build in the official ones that already exist. We simply do not have the map space for everyone to have their own massive Greek temple.

    List of Official Cities and Areas

    All these places are labelled on the static map found on the city
    • Babylon - Marine0r31 - Middle eastern/egyptian style
    • Pompeii - coffeejunky/oliverw92 - Roman style (please note the differences between roman and greek)
    • Athens - oliverw92 - Greek style (please note the differences between roman and greek)
    • Lost Lands - AlostMoneyG - Theme park style
    • Seattle - VacantSkull/SpartanGod6 - Modern 'real world' town style
    • Alpine - PD400 - Snow style
    • Niflheim - WakiMikoArck - Ice style
    • Mesoa - dfkt - Aztec/Mayan style
    • Vortex - Cikkirock/computerfreakDK - Floating islands/fantasy style
    • Ruatha - legionaire - Medieval-style e.g. castles etc
    More may be added in the future, please subscribe to this thread
  2. dfkt

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  3. dfkt

    dfkt â– 

    The main building isn't finished yet as you can see, but I am building it and anyone can help me, I also have dock, village and sand flat areas I'm planning to add aside from the main city on the other side of the temple. There is also a portal square there in its' own building (lapis, stone + pressure plate), but it's not been set up to go anywhere.

    edit: I would like people to contribute their own buildings and ideas, if they would like to. e.g. Wombatus helped on the steps of the portal building, by showing me something that would look better. (Also if you don't like the name change it).
  4. AKrzystof

    AKrzystof Treat yo self

    how does one obtain permission to build in said cities?
  5. WakiMikoArck

    WakiMikoArck Some would call me Tim

    @Oli Could ice fortress be changed to Niflheim?

    @Akr Just treat them like a city anywhere else. Find whoever it belongs to and ask permission.
  6. PD400

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    I love you. It's good to see Norse mythology isn't completely unknown!
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  7. dfkt

    dfkt â– 

    Of course not, World of Warcraft rely on it all the time.
  8. oliverw92

    oliverw92 Retired Administrator

    Done. Can i suggest you both make threads for your cities?
  9. AKrzystof

    AKrzystof Treat yo self

  10. charliehorse55

    charliehorse55 Active Member

    Oli, can you revert the progress I had made on starting a greek town... no longer needed and it's consuming land.

    Just two buildings around 1600,-800. Constructed mainly by me and matthewgouge (with a little help by vacant). They aren't very cool anyways.
  11. oliverw92

    oliverw92 Retired Administrator

    Sure thing.

    EDIT: saved your temple thing incase you want it in the new greek city
  12. SpartanGod6

    SpartanGod6 Head Collector

    Seattle - VacantSkull/SpartanGod6 - Modern 'real world' town style
    :p We both built it.
  13. cikkirock

    cikkirock This guy.

    what about the secret world of Vortex?
  14. computerfreakDK

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    You mean Cikkirock and Computerfreak? :thumbsup:
  15. computerfreakDK

    computerfreakDK [Insert custom title here]

    And its Vortex, not Vortext :rofl:
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  16. legionaire

    legionaire Active Member

    I am putting in a request for a medievil city. The name is Ruatha.
  17. Wombatus

    Wombatus A l'aise Breizh

    I'm desapointed because I wanna call my Island The Lost World, and there is already a Lost Land.

    So here is my new idea :) "Le Monde Perdu" This name looks like any other... because it's french. But in fact it's just the same name as the first idea :D

    If you have some ideas in the same way I can take chose one, but I like the french way :) makes it more lost for everybody.
  18. PD400

    PD400 Sentient Toaster

    Wanna make it really Archaic? Write it in Sumerian or another ancient, dead language.
  19. SgtSpike

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    What, like Halqu Kurnugi?
    (which is, technically, "Lost Netherworld", but whatever.)
  20. PD400

    PD400 Sentient Toaster

    Exactly, :p

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