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There's been a lot of push in the Creative Apps recently, and quite frankly a lot of them are being denied for simple and repetitive reasons. I think it came from the reintroduction.

I remember when we first got creative mode. It was the new deal. It wasn't just privilege, but a certification. Status. That's what it was. I wasn't one of the first to apply, I still had to finish my house. I was around the beginning though. It took them about a week or two, I can't remember exactly.

Did I get in? Of course. Should I have? Maybe not. To date I've built all of three things in Creative, not including my underground test facility. The very first thing was a poem in an aging house named Sombre. The second, made a good while later, was a Sierpinski's triangle made out of staircase blocks. Since creative came back, I made one more thing called Geo, just a concept idea for a house crafted from offset cubes. My collected works take all of twenty seconds to glance over and fly away from. But it's not about that, is it.

I was friends with W8in back when he was still a VIP. I liked to make jokes about my own status. The Unworthies I called us. I'd walk out 30,000 blocks to see the things Laurent, W8in, Frothing, and whoever else had made. Back then we had gray names for the Builder class. That's what set me off just a bit. That's what lifted me every so slightly higher. That I had the ability, the allowance to leave my infinitesimal, morose mark in the expansive creative world.

I remember my builder app. I still go to it for supplies. It was my old house, you see. A magnanimous square blemish on the land there. Huge imposing letters written in mossy cobble saying DUNKERONI over the maw of a front door. It spanned a 66x66x16 block area for the first floor alone. There was a house with a yard, tree, garden, and pond made for W8in in one of the front rooms. The Library had over 760 bookshelves in it as well as a secret passage to the basement. The basement was four blocks high, twenty or so blocks wide, and ran farther than the game can render. A hidden room has the writings of a sick girl tormented by the insane practices of an evil doctor. It was all a cluster of random artifacts shoved into one atrocious block of cobblestone. It still is.

Since then, a lot of projects have come and gone from the Creative world. The world itself was gone for a while. The crossover came up, temp maps ran for a while, and creative was down for maintenance when we did get our maps back. Then we had the Reintroduction. There had been a push, or a response rather, towards getting more players on the server. There have been times where forty players were on every day. There have been times when the server was in danger for lack of players. Suffice to say we needed a few more. So we got them. New players came in, many of them are our newest VIPs. And then Reintroduction. Builder apps had been gone for a while, and nobody had the weeks of precedent to look through what was currently being passed or not.

As best I can describe it, a flood. A sudden realization by our new players looking at what could be attained. Looking at the newest status. This scrabble, this clambering towards certification, has constricted the goal too much. It's squeezed the essence of Builder status until something dripped out the bottom and was lost. Creative rights have been robbed of their majesty.

Not everybody wants to be a Builder, but a lot do. A lot of them will not get it. What does art say to you? Because all of these apps are sending the wrong message. They're all saying, "Look at my idea. Look at the shape I have dreamt up. Look at what crudity I can get away with now." And the creators even have a question. Just one question. It's always the same one. "Is this good enough?"

Art cannot be quantitized. Truly, it never should be. It has no finite value. It has its impress. Images do not come some assembly required. Art should not say, "Use your imagination, you can see where I'm going with this," but rather, "Here is my imagination. Look through everything you can, then look again."

Art does not pander. Art does not humor. Art does not grovel in favor of the pleasure given by the fickle and unfit. Art is a statement by itself. Nay, it does not require originality. It requires determination. Art can be refit. Art can be redone. Art can be made the same by different people and arrive at the end as two conflicting truths.

Art should never appear correct in a mirror. Art should be an individual of its own right. It should be writ in an ever so altered style to make it something new. All rectangles are really the same one. They've all just been ripped out of each other's frames and put into new ones.

The artist need not ask if the art is good enough. If it is, then the question is obviously unnecessary. If it isn't, then the fact that the question persists is the proof. If the question asks what needs to be improved, the answer is Everything.

If you are certain of what you can do. Have fervor to do it. If you cannot muster that, then stand aside for those who can. The question is not what can I do, but is what I do the same as what is sought? If the answer is no, then why need you change into it?


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I agree, people are making basic looking unoriginal idea's that they saw from other servers or stuff and trying to make it just wood or cobble. No creativity in it and I think that creative app's shouldn't be allowed if they are just remakes of stuff or bad looking houses that they think is "pro".


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Dunk I swear you are either an amazing author or the best person I've ever meet at copy and pasting quotes that fit the context of their subject.

Please write books for a living and send me free copies.


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Dunk I swear you are either an amazing author or the best person I've ever meet at copy and pasting quotes that fit the context of their subject.
Please write books for a living and send me free copies.
People have asked me to write books before. I've never been much for that sort of work. If you want, I can write you a very detailed snapshot of another world, but filling pages has never been my forte. Short stories are more my style. They allow the writer to focus on a specific center to draw the readers towards. Novels require lengthy stages of irrelevant metaphor and stylistic development that pains me to write. I have a lot written here on the forums if you want to peruse through that. The Tale of Lark is probably the longest; it was a treasure hunt that was never actually done since we changed the map spawns before I ended it.


I agree with dunk, of late builder apps have been very simple.
I think we need to up the ainty a little bit.


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Dunk, A book is a book, If its small (for e.g what you wrote) it is still a book. and it will most likely get published. You should really write books dunk. and long time no see man :eek2: always kind of liked you as a mod.