ooveNoiviooJR ban appeal


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I was banned for x-ray hacking. And im not going to lie, like i didnt when i was banned, i was xray hacking. i know other servers, its a permaban, no coming back on those servers, but i really like this server. what happened is jacca tpd to me and found me mining, and he froze me and asked me if i was xray hacking, i said yes, and he said to appeal the ban here. If i would have to, i can delete the mod from my minecraft.jar. it would be so nice to be unbanned, i don't want to have to leave this server :(


If you know it's a perm ban but you like the server why did you hack?
If you are not a participant, or do not know anything about the case please do NOT post in the threads. It is essential that we have a clean thread so that we may have all the information, and only the information we need to determine whether a ban should be removed or remain in place.
Secondly, IF you have something to add make sure that it is clearly written and that only information pertaining to the appeal case is posted. Comments about your view on the ban are not needed. If you feel you must share your view and thoughts on the ban, please private message one of the mods/admins involved.


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Sorry oove, but the mods have discussed your case and you will not be unbanned. You were well aware that we had a no hacking rule and were told by the mods before you used the hack that we would find out, yet you still chose to push your luck.