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I cannot ban him, and he has been cursing and greiving for over an hour.I think he has inventory hacks because he has stacks of diamond blocks.


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Don't know why im posting this but i think it's because alostmoney thinks hes got a inventory hack heres what he gave me as he thought he was gunna be banned. It's not exact what he gave me as i mixed it with my stuff but im pretty shure he gave me something like this,the iron was in stacks by the way, here's the picture.
EDit: can i keep it?


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That's fine bubblz. I don't know if it's all legitimate, but inventory hacks are nearly impossible now (I've seen very few, if any, since beta), and he did do a lot of mining before he was banned.


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Of course bubblz, if you're unwilling to keep those items I can always take it off your hands.


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Awwww just noticed that spike said i can have them but oliver said i can't so he said give them to me, spike is there away i could get them back.