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Starcraft 2 is mentioned quite a lot.

So I'd figure starting a s/n list for games.

My name is Socrates271 for SC2, BFBC2, and pretty much everything.


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I pretty much play.... well, not much online anymore. MW2 used to get played a lot. Civ 5 is getting a workout, but not multiplayer (too many people out there that are way smarter than myself). Erm... yeah, not playing much else at the moment.


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I've been playing a lot of SC2 lately, and my SN on that is Jones. (Character Code 559)

Also, I'm on Xbox Live as Unhappy Meal, I play Halo: Reach and MW2 every now and then.


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Haven't played much lately but XBL gamertag xCaPtAiNDoNgLex , mainly play CoD WaW, MW2, Halo Reach, and Battlefield Bad Company 2.


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My gamertag (Xbox Live) is, you guessed it, ZeroSilentz. I pretty much only play Reach, now. But go ahead and add me if you wish.


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I do some BF:BC2 (surprise?) but not by myself. The grind of kill/be killed can get old, so I only play with my workmates and family.
Another game is Company of Heroes Online: Beta (free) every Tuesday. Same name as I have here.


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Uhh. . . .
I basically just play minecraft. .
My player name is xStarGamingx. .
oh! I also play Starcraft II, "Bandit"