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Hi guys, Can any of you that are good with computers find me a gaming computer for a reasonable price? (THAT SELL's IN SWEDEN)
I really dont have the money to buy an expensive one so i really need your help guys, appreciate it! ;)


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whats your budget, but i recommend the hp pavilion dragon( i dont live in Sweden so im not sure if its available) it is not


Yeah depends on what your budget is, I built my gaming PC for somewhere around £650 - £700 (GBP)
Are you able to build your own and choose some nice specs? Or are you buying a ready built one, or some sites even build it for you after choosing your pieces and ship it out to you. If you're looking into it enough I would just say order one of the internet, its bound to get to Sweden! When I get round to It I might suggest some specs like sound cards ect.

Good luck aswell mate ;)


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Yeah, i guess 700 GBP is enough, but building my own computer is NOT MY THING.. i have no idea how to and so on..
But thanks anyways and if you can find a decent gaming computer for around 700GBP, please tell me, thanks for your help! ;)

One thing i could do is to ask my brother.
I think he knows how to do it, so i'll ask him, and please find one for me, because im not sure if he knows! :ugeek: